Salzgitter AG launches green steel brand SALCOS® at the Hannover Messe

23.04.2024 | Salzgitter AG

  • Salzgitter AG is now selling green steel products Group-wide under the brand name SALCOS®
  • Customers primarily benefit from the reduction of Scope 3 emissions of their products
  • SALCOS® products are based on the Low Emission Steel Standard (LESS) of the German Steel Association (Category C or better)
  • All SALCOS® products receive an independent Product Carbon Footprint (PCF) certification

With the introduction of its green steel brand SALCOS®, steel and technology Group Salzgitter AG is supporting the sustainable and transparent decarbonizing of customer value chains. The Group will be presenting its green steel brand SALCOS® for the first time at the Hannover Messe 2024 trade fair. The result is the clear labeling of the Group's CO2-reduced steel products.

Clear product definition based on the voluntary Low Emission Steel Standard (LESS) labeling system

A key element and promise of the SALCOS® green steel brand is the close alignment with the Low Emission Steel Standard (LESS) green steel categorization from the German Steel Association. The Salzgitter Group’s SALCOS® brand name exclusively stands for physically CO2-reduced green steel products of LESS category C and better. The categorization reflects the Salzgitter Group's high level of decarbonization on its way to climate neutrality. The labeling is accompanied by a certificate for the scrap content and the product carbon footprint (PCF) for SALCOS® products. All information contained in this voluntary designation is determined and certified by independent testing and inspection bodies. Customers can already purchase various CO2-reduced steel products from the Group's electric arc furnace production route. From 2026, steel products will also be available via the DRI-EAF (direct reduction and electric arc furnace) route.

Thorsten Moellmann, Head of Communications and Brand points out: “Although we have been offering CO2-reduced steel products for some time now, we deliberately held back from labeling our green steel products. Our objective is to use a recognized product definition that is clear and transparent. We therefore rely on the German Steel Associations’ labeling system. This means our customers know that they are purchasing “real” or in steel-making jargon “physically” CO2-reduced steel when they buy SALCOS® brand products and not just a balance sheet reduction in emissions. SALCOS® products offer solutions for customers from industries such as the energy, automotive, construction and white goods industries, who want to achieve a reduction in the CO2 emissions of their own products.“

The Group promises its usual technological properties and well-known high quality with its new SALCOS® green steel brand. In particular, there is an added value for customers when it comes to achieving their own sustainability goals. With the introduction of the product brand, the Group once again emphasizes its strong commitment and reputation as a pioneer and partner in industrial transformation in order to fulfill its responsibility to society for the climate and the environment.

This high standard is also reflected in the green steel brand’s slogan. The “Cleaner than ever” promise makes the ambition of pushing technological limits ever further and thus becoming a trailblazer in industrial transformation visible to everyone.

SALCOS® at the Hannover Messe 2024 trade fair

From April 22nd to 26th, 2024, visitors to the Hannover Messe will have the opportunity to talk about the SALCOS® transformation program and the SALCOS® green steel brand at the Salzgitter AG stand (Hall 13, Stand C62).


Thorsten Moellmann
Head of Communication & Brand
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Olaf Reinecke
Press Spokesperson
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